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Constructing the Bank - ILB Potsdam

The public funding bank of Brandenburg (ILB) has constructed a new building. But not only the place has changed. The film shows the different phases of an exciting process.
Cinematography: Gernot Bayer
Conception + Director: Andreas Scheffer

IGC 2024 bid video

Headed by the Geoforschungszentrum Potsdam Germany applies for hosting the International Geologic Congress in 2024. This is the official bid video produced by us, highlighting Germany's Geology and its scientific strengthes.
Cinematography: Peter Gröne
Conception + Director: Andreas Scheffer

Stream the Smile - i-mmersive VEYE

i-mmersive i-mmersive is a Berlin based startup, that has developed a unique Virtual-Reality livestreaming system. This is the pitch video for their Indigogo crowdfunding campaign.
Starring and Music: Karl Schloz
Cinematography: Peter Gröne
Director: Andreas Scheffer

The Rhythm of Making a Knife

For: Thomas Huber - Stahlwerk Berlin
Cinematography: Peter Gröne
Director and Sounddesign: Andreas Scheffer

Poetry of a Piano

For: Goecke und Farenholtz Klavierbau
Cinematography: Peter Gröne
Music: Rainer Oleak
Director: Andreas Scheffer

Pirates of the Culinarian

For: Cooking Aces
Cinematography: Peter Gröne
Director: Andreas Scheffer

Out of Breath

For: HFF "Konrad Wolf" Potsdam-Babelsberg
Cinematography: Jakob Seemann
Music: Enis Rotthoff
Director: Andreas Scheffer


More films on the website of my corporate film agency DAS GUTE WERK.

Current long term project with Gernot Bayer: filmic documentation of the construction of the public investment bank Brandenburg/Potsdam.